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JEAB: First Editorial Board
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JEAB's First Editorial Board

  • Charles B. Ferster, Indiana University Medical Center, Executive Editor
  • Douglas G. Anger, Upjohn Co. [Apparatus Editor]
  • James E. Anliker, Harvard Medical School
  • Nathan H. Azrin, Aberdeen Proving Grounds
  • Donald S. Blough, National Institute of Mental Health
  • John J. Boren, Merck Sharpe and Dohme
  • Joseph V. Brady, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
  • Peter B. Dews, Harvard Medical School
  • Richard J. Herrnstein, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
  • Fred S. Keller, Columbia University
  • O. R. Lindsley, Harvard Medical School [Secretary-Treasurer]
  • William H. Morse, Harvard Medical School
  • William N. Schoenfeld, Columbia University
  • Murray Sidman, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
  • B. F. Skinner, Harvard University
  • Thom Verhave, Ely Lilly Co.

Nine of these members appear in photographs taken by Ferster on April 12, 1957 at the meeting where the decision was made to go forward with the new journal.

The scene was a Statler Hotel room in New York, during the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association. [Names of those present who were not at that time board members appear in brackets.]
  • Top: D. S. Blough, J. J. Boren, [J. L. Falk].
  • Center (a composite of two photographs): [L. R. Gollub], W. H. Morse, [T. F. Lohr], N. H. Azrin, P. B. Dews.
  • Bottom left: R. J. Herrnstein, M. Sidman, J. V. Brady.
  • Bottom right: P. B. Dews, J. Anliker.

The seven others members of the original board are shown below:
  • Top: C. B. Ferster (photo taken in 1968), D. G. Anger (1968), F. S. Keller with wife, Frances (1987); O. R. Lindsley (1958).
  • Bottom: W. N. Schoenfeld (1971), B. F. Skinner (c. 1979; courtesy of R. F. Gerbrands), T. Verhave (1968).
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